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What is Dambaruu?

In the World of Damabruu, learning is always fun! Join Chand, Tara, and Mukku on their playful adventures, mingled with rich Indian values and traditions. Explore a plethora of enchanting stories, catchy rhymes, and interactive games, all crafted to nurture young minds and hearts. Let your child discover new skills every step of the way. It's early childhood education made delightful. Are you ready to unlock your child's potential with joy and wonder?

Step into Damabruu, where the adventure of learning begins!

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Meet Your Learning Partners


Hey! I'm Chand

A five years old little boy.He is a dreamer, and very instant in imagination.A good actor and loves to play his flute.


Namaste, I'm Tara :)

The elder sister of Chand.She is a doer and has instant ideas of solving problems. She enjoys experimenting & tries a lot of stuffs hands-on.


And I'm Mukku!

A three years old small rabbit and Chand's partner in crime. Carrots are the love of his life, and he hops when he is excited.


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  • Dambaruu ka Jadui Pitara-Student learning kit
  • Curriculum Handbook for teachers
  • Based on P.E.D.E Cirriculum

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